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To help Wiki grow, the primary goal of this page should be to help people find good places to host their new wiki idea. Please insert detailed good/bad experiences with the servers, but not into this page, but instead follow the link to the Wiki-page of the individual farm and insert there!

There are already Wikis of many shapes, sizes, colors, and topics. If you are looking to start a wiki, snoop around on the PublicWikiForums (a list of existing wikis), since a suitable wiki may already exist. Compare wikis at

Free (gratis) WikiFarms

byo wikiframs scripts

English (alphabetical): English, Three or Fewer Stars (by rating):

Not English:

Commercial WikiFarms

In Order of Increasing Price per Month




$16/month to $49/month

$50/month and up

Is a WikiFarm? There are a bunch of wikis there, but only the administrator can set up a new one. (Aside: It uses WikiWorks 0.6)

Special services

Not in service

Info about TakiWiki?

Seeking WikiForums

I'm looking for a Wiki using C# that has SSL security to add to a help system I'm developing. This is for a business (a small business but we are willing to pay fair market for the wiki). Please advise about enterprise wikis with admin features, security, easy backups, clear instructions. Thanks!!

Hint: over a thousand (?) wiki are listed at WikiIndex ( ).

(Note: I just added wiki I remembered off the top of my head. There's probably other, better wiki in each of these categories. I hope my pointers to a "nearby" wiki, in connection with the WikiNode system, will get you to the wiki you want. -- DavidCary)

Are there any wikis out there which are about ProjectManagement?

Are there any wikis out there which are about Humanism? Or philosophy in general? humanism philosophy Wikis about the anti-poverty movement, organizations like Share Our Strength (U.S., Canada, other?)? Are there any wikis out there which are about education? I'm a high school teacher, just starting to fool around with one on at ...About cooperative societies? Any books about wiki? TheWikiWay

I'm looking for a ComparisonShoppingWiki. See ComparisonShoppingWiki.

I'm seeking proposals from WikiFarms that might meet my requirements for my Wiki system. My requirements are posted at

Are there any WikiFarms or Wiki Software which are particularly accessible for disabled people, ie which have been designed to conform to the requirements of WCAG 1 or 2 see

Missing some wiki engines listed here:

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