Bill Seitz

See WikiWeblog? at, background info at

contact info is at

Was member of founding team at Medscape ( Built the tech team (development, ops, support, etc.). Then spent a couple years at another startup called AxiomLegal? which is kinda a distributed corporate legal firm. Now independent, starting a hosting ASP for WikiWeblog? handling - - and an ASP for private team wiki collaboration -

Jun'03 - enjoying DavidSchmaltz's first book, TheBlindMenAndTheElephant. Thoughts (rough) on InterWiki, WikiPortal, MultiWiki, etc. (Apr11'01) (and see my more recent page at

(I use ZWiki, not that it matters much, though it's reminding me of varying tagging styles across WikiClones...)

I want to run multiple wikis, many of them personal/private, so that

I also want to be an active member of multiple other wiki-based communities

When I'm writing a WikiPage, I'd like to be able to link to a WikiPage outside the current WikiSpace


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