Wiki World

The new WikiWorld is an exciting place -- JimScarver


I am checking out the status of this WikiFarm which was a senior project of Nate Edwards and Chuck Smith at Messiah College. Interest but does not appear to accept registrations.

Project description at:

You can check it out at

JohnDeBruyn (July 7, 2001)

I noticed that was not registered and renamed my Wiki -- JimScarver

I am hoping to find collaborators to work on WikiObjects and CollaborativeWebObjects? OpenSource developments at WikiWorld. -- JimScarver

Hi: I am looking for a discussion forum about wikiwikiweb, wikis, wikipedia and similar subjects. Can someone please help me find this. Thank you. JimScarver- I would like to be involved. I can pass along my contact info. etc. Jim H.

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