Wiki Word

A WikiCase "word" which identifies and links WikiPages. It is an amalgamation of two or more words composed of at least two letters each, without intervening white spaces, where the first letter of each component word is capitalized and the remaining letters are in lowercase.

An equivalent term, WikiName, is taken to mean the same. (Note: this definition of WikiWord/WikiName is specific to this wiki. Another wiki may use differing definitions and implementations.)

The enormous power of WikiWords is that they function as words. That allows you to frame very complex statements in a very concise language, and to say things whose subtext can be supplied and altered communally, and non-locally in time. This makes explicit a key attribute of UniversalMind.

See the WikiVocabulary for explanations of WikiWords having specific Wiki meanings. It explains the various nuances of meaning that apply within the Wiki. This vocabulary of WikiWords that are distinctively applicable to this Wiki is easily acquired by a newcomer.

SixSingleQuotes can be used to prevent a mixed case set of concatenated letters being treated as a WikiWord. Most useful for plural WikiWords.

See Also WikiName, WikiPage, WikiGrammar, WikiWordsConsideredHarmful

What "word" can be used to talk about the parts (e.g. "Wiki" and "Word") of a WikiWord?

How about Wikeme for a component part of a WikiWord? - cf phoneme, morpheme and Stephen Pinker's listeme.

why not WikiAdjective and WikiNoun?

Actually WikiPhrase is part of WikiWay


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