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A GreatBooksList (See BookList). Also see GreatBooksAboutSoftware [which should be merged with this page]. This is more like a list of books about C++ and OOP.

From BillDehora: From TomJordan ( From Steve Roth ( From Steve Albin ( From BrianFoote ( (and of course...) From Christoph Koegl ( From Ger Hartnett ( From BetsyHanesPerry ( From FrankLusardi: From Thomas Patzke ( From RalphJohnson: From JamesCollins: From JohnSwartz ( From GlennWilson Papers: From JonathanFeinberg:

From DanSchmidt:

Here's my top-eight list, alphabetical by author, from glancing at my bookcase:

From NissimHadar:

From MagnusLyckaa:

According to the page at Addison-Wesley ( [BrokenLink]):

In December 2000, Pearson PTR,, Netscape's DevEdge Online and Doctor Dobb's Journal asked readers to nominate those books [each person chose three books] that have made the biggest impact in computer technologies to date. Books that stand dog-eared next to computers - ready to tackle the next challenge. Books that have stood the test of time, and whose value extends into the next century.

I agree that some of the books on the list, such as TAOCP and MMM, are with no doubt worth their place there, but cannot believe that InsideDistributedCom? took the first rank. IMHO, the vote seems to have been somewhat biased toward specific techniques. (For instance, can we say, without any hesitation, both the two PerlLanguage books, ProgrammingPerl and LearningPerl should take their place in the top 30 list for the 20th century computer books? What about HTML 4 for the World Wide Web?)

What do you think about it? (Has anyone participated in or, at least, heard of the vote?) -- JuneKim

I want to know about HolubOnPatterns.




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