Scott Meyers

Author of EffectiveCeePlusPlus, MoreEffectiveCeePlusPlus and EffectiveStl.

"Given that I don’t really use C++, nor do I help specify it, you might wonder what I do do. Fundamentally, I study C++ and its application. [...] I like to think of myself as an outside observer, not too deeply steeped in the day-to-day travails of programmers and not too keenly focused on the minutiae of standardization, yet familiar with both." - from Part 1 of his A Pause to Reflect series. Parts 1 and 4 together give a good sense of his place in the C++ world. (And the series is a good read anyway.)

Part 1: The Most Important C++ Books ... Ever
Part 4: The Most Important C++ People ... Ever

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