Fred Brooks

Frederick Phillips Brooks, Jr., author of The MythicalManMonth, NoSilverBullet, and the recipient of the 1999 ACM TuringAward, for "landmark contributions to ComputerArchitecture, OperatingSystems, and SoftwareEngineering". Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

His biography/resume is at . HeInventedTheTerm "ComputerArchitecture". His time at InternationalBusinessMachines seems to have been the basis of his most famous work: he invented modern hardware interrupt systems while working on the IbmStretch, he led the whole IbmSystemThreeSixty project, and MythicalManMonth is based mostly on his experience of leading the software development for the 360.

Interestingly, he describes his current research interests as HumanComputerInteraction, virtual worlds and 3D interactive computer graphics - not the areas in which his work is widely famous.

He has a new book (2010) not yet found (2014) in any of my nearby libraries (SanDiego): The DesignOfDesign: Essays from a ComputerScientist ISBN 0201362988 I WikiFied? the title so pages may be found or created -- ChrisGarrod 20140404.2218 -- another book shares parts of the same title. WikiGnomes please help disambiguate this discrepancy.

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