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James O. Coplien is a research scientist at Lucent Technologies (previously Bell Labs), where he does research on software productivity. He is the author of "AdvancedCeePlusPlusProgrammingStylesAndIdioms", "SoftwarePatterns" and "MultiParadigmDesign for C++", and he wrote a column ("The column without a name") for the now defunct CppReport. He was co-editor of the PatternLanguagesOfProgramDesign 1 & 2 books, co-author with NeilHarrison of OrganizationalPatternsOfAgileSoftwareDevelopment and he is the host of the organization patterns repository at:


Note: this link is live but a lot of the pages underneath go to references such as http://web.archive.org/web/20061012032405/www.easycomp.org/cgi-bin/OrgPatterns?OrgPatterns see also OrgPatterns.

He has also been speaker, chair or member of the program committee in many conferences worldwide such as PLOP and OOPSLA. He has recently worked on a new book on multi-paradigm design.

You wrote, of "The Language Instinct": This is one of five books that I buy in lots because I'm ever giving copies away. -- JimCoplien

AnswerMe: May one ask what the other four are? Thanks.

Jim's stated the whole list somewhere else in Wiki. I know that two are GriefObserved and TheLittlePrince.

See GreatBooksAboutSoftware for a list that might be the one mentioned. Or perhaps GreatSoftwareBooks?

It's not there. I did a couple of searches and could not find the list in wiki anywhere.

Hi Jim! During your stay in Brazil for SugarLoafPlop, you gave a talk where you defend the idea the software should be written as many authors would write a collaborative book. I argued that most collaborative writings suck. I believe that Wiki community would like to read about your ideas on it. -- GeraldoXexeo

I believe that Wiki community would like to write your ideas about it ;-) -- PhilJones

Thanks for ThankTheAuthor. Seriously. That and SilenceMeansHostility? totally spoke to me. Awwwoo! -- JonathanArkell

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