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August 4, 1998 The booklist has been reorganized (again!). This wiki page was getting pretty large, so I broke it down into multiple pages consisting of the major BookList categories.

When adding to a category, please add a reference to the Recently Added Titles section.

This is your list, so do what makes most sense.

And as usual, your additions, edits and corrections are welcome.

-- ToddCoram

Bibliophiles may also enjoy the BookShelved wiki.

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Finding wiki titles is a bit of an art. Think about how the reference would work in a sentence. Remember that a few extra words can be optionally added in the citation to make the sentence flow ...

More proper titles, publishers and ISBN numbers can appear on the book's own page.

Someone should take all the good pages of c2, format them some and make a book of it. It would make an awesome book I and many more would buy.


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