Stan Silver

Between here and enlightenment are an infinite number of steps, each called "enlightenment".

Stan Silver is a Smalltalk programmer.

He enjoys the following:

wisdom pages

people pages

navigation pages

software development pages

software technology pages

He has started several pages, including He is the person to blame for those pesky categories (see HistoryOfWikiCategories)

He helped remove topics and created

He sometimes does house cleaning using

Stan, Thank you for your comments on my homepage. I can see that you have been involved here from the early days, as was I, except that I had a long gap and missed a lot of the history. I am very active here now and try to use the category system to improve the connections among the many ideas to be found here. When I do that I usually learn something of use or interest or both. I guess you have not been active much here lately as this home page had not been edited since 2008. My interests are diverse, including computer programming, learning methods and the semantic web, as you will find if you see what I have been up to here. Best wishes -- JohnFletcher

P.S. I also use categories on my personal wiki system, currently using ConnectedText.


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