Wanted Pages

The following script will find pages that have been cited on wiki but not yet defined. Although they appear to be wanted, they may be misspellings of existing pages or pages too trivial to merit definition. This list is updated as part of a batch update that runs daily. Citations from RecentChanges and its kin are assumed to be recent deletions and ignored.

The best course of action for these pages isn't necessarily to create a page. Often, it is better to change the references so they are no longer WikiNames. Where applicable, you can just change the case, add spaces or insert SixSingleQuotes ...


Unfortunately this lists as non-existent pages that exist on sister sites. BigOmega, for example, occurs 10 or 15 times, but when you go to edit it there is a version on MeatBall. The WantedPages feature would be much more useful if these pages could somehow be filtered out.

It also lists BiCapitalized? words within URLs. All text within a URL should be ignored.

Today (Feb 24 2005) a WikiSpammer? used WantedPages as a list of new pages to place spam on. This technique was effective for two reasons:

WantedPages not linked much, but still important

ObjectSerialization - see discussion in LearningObjectOrientedProgramming


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