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Here is a handy link for avid WikiWatchers - it shows the volume/frequency of access, rather than just recency.

Where is the page containing this?

Could we please, please, please, also have monthly and weekly statistics? Just the most recent 2000 access log entries is too short a time span. The current list contains the same entries that top the RecentChanges list. It would also be useful with separate statistics on the searches generated when users click a page titles, to determine which WikiCategories actually get used. -- LarsAronsson

When hunting for WikiBandwidth figures I stumbled across them just where you might expect <>, linked from WikiReaderToWriterRatio.

Here's the count of Wiki pages since 2001 as of January 20, 2006. Page growth has been roughly linear.

A moderate slowing is evident since July/August 2005.

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