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Fix your own contributions

Fix your own mess first. Don't go round refactoring and chopping willy nilly. FixYourWiki before you even try to fix anyone else's stuff.

If you want wiki to survive, get into this habit: every day go and find one of your old thready discussions. Delete everything you wrote that has no value. Leave just a paragraph, maybe just a sentence. If your point failed, leave nothing.

If you don't FixYourWiki, you really have no right to complain about WhyWikiWorksNot. If we all do this then the Wiki will be fixed.

Stronger view


Getting to FixYourWiki

So I looked at the list of BackLinks from my HomePage and was quite satisfied to see that it had grown - not through any attempt to grow it, particularly, but just because I've signed many of the various comments I've made on various pages. Sure, I don't have as many references as some others here, but given time...

Pick up after yourself, WikiAtTwentyThousand and even KillYourDarlings? Now I view the list differently. Perhaps I should try to reduce it, or at least cut down on the signed drivel [no, not by making it anonymous drivel!].

Another use:

FixYourWiki can be used as a WikiBadge to indicate that a page is being refactored and that there is an ongoing cleaning up of threads.

This is a reinforcement of WhyWikiWorks.

The search isn't quite so useful if you've signed a lot of pages. My name gives over 500 hits. Also see ReverseLinkDisabled. -- DaveHarris


Why don't we let the wiki-programme limit the number of personal contributions to say 100. The wiki could just delete your oldest contributions when you have passed the limit. It would certainly get people to think before writing. -- MikaelHermansson

If I take a piece of year old thread mess, spend time extracting the truths, highlighting the experience and contrasting the opinions, then replace the original mess with the emerging DocumentMode page, does that count as one of my 100 contributions? If I correct someone's spelling, does that count?

[So, your idea is that Wiki should be WikiLess?. Doesn’t that kind of fly-in-the-face of what a Wiki is all about? I thought Wiki's were supposed to be used as a collaboration writing tool, not a write-less tool.]

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