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See Fine idea. The influence of the "old high-content pages" can only do good. If your random page selector is clever enough to find them of course.

I also think it is a good idea. Perhaps you should add a link from the FrontPage, StartingPoints or RecentChanges (to ensure we RecentChangesJunkies notice it!).

Seriously spiffy! I'd prefer to see more pages listed; I would happily be a RandomPagesJunkie. -- ShaeErisson

Good idea. I don't see the need to have the link at the top of RecentChanges, though, as RandomPages will show up in RecentChanges whenever your script is run. Thanks for a new way of looking at Wiki.


To really surrender to the spirit of randomness, the number of entries on the page could be random (within some reasonable bound), and so could the interval for regeneration. Just a thought. -- WaldenMathews

It would be interesting to sort them by category. Many are home pages, which frankly don't interest me. Many are uncategorized, which we might take as a prompt to add categories to them. (This supposes the category system is useful, of course.) -- DaveHarris That's not really random,is it?

WikiBase gurus, how about adding a new script that would randomly select some categories, then randomly select some pages within each category, then randomly select some pages not in any category, then display all the titles in a nifty clickable list?

Or you could just select some random pages........... Although, RandomCategories might be cool! -- IsaacFreeman

Is there anything in the wiki now for listing the most-referenced pages? That might be a good way to gauge the overall interest in a page. Who knows how well that might correlate with "high-content". Also, is there any way currently to find orphan pages? [See TopTen and http:orphanWikiPages.]

GoogleMyWiki suggests most-referenced as a metric for FindPage to rank its hits.

I imagine the home page of the most prolific author would come out tops, if they always signed their work. I'm not sure this is a good metric for quality. -- DaveHarris

Have you considered setting a UserName cookie for the script so that people get a hint that the page is machine-generated? -- DaveHarris

Gosh ... it would be fun to have a page that would pull up 5 random links every time anyone loaded it.

You can now hit RandomPage five times to achieve a similar effect.

When RandomPages was refreshed bi- or tri-weekly, I thought it wasn't quite often enough. Now I think it is perhaps a bit too often. -- OleAndersen

How so? I was a bit disapointed by the lack of randomness in the RandomPage. If you want to remember which page it listed, write it down and use that until you want a new random page -- IsaacFreeman

The trailing "wiki?" in the url in the Base tag shouldn't be needed.

RandomPages on C2 Wiki should be exactly like RandomPages on WhyClublet, on the Search page. Of course, the search page on why was much more useful; nowadays, I find myself heading to google any time I need to find something on C2. -- RichardKulisz

Has the RandomPages script changed recently? I used to look at the edit changes to get both the current list and the previous list but this no longer seems to work. -- JamesKeogh

You're mistaken - the changes show the previous content due to editing from a different ip address, not the previous list. What you thought was the previous list was probably a list restored some time ago after the page was spammed.

Over five years after I did this for c2, I've finally implemented it on MeatballWiki. As always, I'm slow to take care of my own home. -- SunirShah

See WikiRandomTour


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