Shae Erisson

My language choices are HaskellLanguage and PythonLanguage.

I test out as EnFp?.

I was diagnosed with AttentionDeficitDisorder in February 1999. I have had various related prescriptions including RitalinDrug. If anyone tells you that AttentionDeficitDisorder does not exist, or that it is an excuse, please refer them to me.

For anything I've ever written or contributed to Wiki (yes, this includes this page), I am always an OpenAuthor. I had never considered that there could be anything else till I read the OpenAuthor page.

location: Florence, AL

I lived in the USA for the first twenty eight years of my life, after which I lived in FinlandEurope for three years, and then SwedenEurope until late 2006. I now live in Florence, AL.

I joined WardsWiki sometime in the nineties. Could have been as early as 1995. I'm not sure.

urls for further information on me:

After reading [what is now RealNamesPlease], I thought I'd mention that started life as RobertBenjaminGilliam? aka Ben Gilliam, and am now ShaeMatijsErisson?. ChangingYourName? is a very strange experience.

I got into programming by playing a card game called MagicTheGathering. You'd be amazed how similar they are. If anyone considers that story content, tell me and I'll fill it in.

I wouldn't mind hearing it...

Me too!

Not amazed - they really are similar. Please do tell the story.

The way deprecation is used in Java as it moves from version to version always reminds me of how moving from Revised to Xth edition adds more and more cards to the 'restricted' card list. -- AalbertTorsius

Aug 3 2000 - There's been a huge surge of pro/anti religion dicussion on the Wiki lately.

I'm a Baptist, and I'd bet money I can't change your mind on the issue. So why argue about it?

In the UnitedStates, they give the name Benjamin to a Baptist? I wouldn't have thought...

Wiki is a semi-permanent container of the thoughts of its participants. If someone is unable to tolerate other viewpoints however expressed, they shouldn't be here. I realize that's appears somewhat hypocritical, as I myself have deleted the contents of pages on the Wiki (namely the first version of GangstaGeeks), but I'm not sure how to record the difference I feel between the two here in text.

The only example I can come up with is:

Do you ostracize people for preferring the win32 platform over any other? if not, you shouldn't ostracize people for preferring God. Right?

pages that inspire me:

I HaveThisPattern EmacsEditor DvorakKeyboards PalmPilot PythonLanguage JavaLanguage HaskellLanguage JoyLanguage

I'm shapr on the OpenProjects (now FreeNode) IRC network, and I hang out on the #haskell channel primarily. People I know from IRC:

Pages I've created:

my great books list:

Pages PhilGoodwin gets credit for:



Your a baptist and you type in dvorak? That's really cool. -- BlakeMason

Hi. I'm also Baptist. I still remember the semester in college when I finally realized that I was never going to change my neighbor's mind, and he was never going to change my mind, so trying to convince him that he was wrong and I was right was a waste of time.

I was surprised to discover that someone with a "" address was Baptist.

I don't understand the appeal of MagicTheGathering, but I've played plenty of other games with funky 10-sided dice. Tell the story?

After I had been using "bayesian filtering" for months to reduce spam, I was interested to discover that Baye's Rule is named after Reverend Thomas Bayes ( Not exactly Baptist, but at least he was a "Nonconformist".

-- DavidCary

shapr, you are one of the most marvellous persons I have met on freenode (if you actually are one person of course) :)

-- Peter Dembinski,

I promise, I am in fact, just one person. Thanks for the compliment, flattery will get you everywhere. -- ShaeErisson


January 2012 - I miss the conversations I had here when XP was first being created by the Ward et al.

I've learned some exciting stuff in the meantime...


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