Andrew Ricketts

So I was looking for function pointers in the Summer of 2010. One of the links led me to WikiWikiWeb. I kept trying to close the tabs, but over the course of two weeks I only got down to one tab, and then it sprang back up to about 10 tabs. I was fascinated by the history of the lesser-known older brother of that other Wiki.

I read up on Wiki Etiquette and some other things. I will Refactor this page shortly as my spelling is horrible. I have managed to spend three weeks and not check the RecentChanges page and have simply seen where the links take me.

Things To Follow Up On/ Interesting Reads


So I have this habit of making half-formed ideas that I develop later. Some work out to be very good and others should have probably never left my synapses. To reduce my rampant creation of random ideas, I will leave myself homework and a due date. If I, or someone else, have not contributed significantly to it by my self-imposed due date then... Someone show me how to delete pages.

Pages I've worked on

People I find interesting for one reason or other


I'm trying to make it normal for people to leave greetings to personal pages that they visit. So feel free to leave greetings here and I'm always opened to suggested readings.

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