Clone And Modify Programming

CloneAndModifyProgramming, without ExtractMethod, creates InformationLoss about similarity.

--PhlIp (via AlekseyPavlichenko)

Ah, finally, the perfect term for what has variously been called CutAndPasteProgramming, CopyAndPasteProgramming, SnarfAndBarfProgramming, RogueTile, RapeAndPasteProgramming, et al.

It even has a cute acronym, CAMP. Neat! (actually its not neutral, it would be known as camp programming, which in the UK would be interpreted as gay programming)

It is also neutral, and not insensitive like some names. CAMP is a perfectly valid technique just before Refactors, such as ExtractMethods, that create a whole better than the sum of the parts.

A lot of terminology here likes being non-neutral. The shades of meaning employed help a lot with understanding the term. For example, "CodeSmells" much more eloquently expresses the same feeling as 'things that are definite clues something might very well be wrong in the code, but you have to check them out to be sure'.

See also: DeltaIsolation, OnceAndOnlyOnce, DuplicationRefactoringThreshold


Warning: can be CategoryAntiPattern, without immediately returning to passing tests, thence instant, savage, & viciously internecine refactoring, to purge all evil spirits.

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