Choosing Wiki Names

Guidelines for choosing a name for a new page in this WikiWikiWeb (see AddingNewPages). This page is not about selecting a name for a whole new wiki; we leave that up to you (see StartingaWiki). :)

Be mindful when ChoosingWikiNames; the name of a new (or old!) page sets the tone for the page. The name will also be the name of links to the new page, so it should be easy to remember, and plainly say what the page is about.

General approach: Helpful specifics: Page name types:

Really spell everything out?

Q: How do you handle acronyms/organizations? Especially if they have a particle in them, such as "Foo Bar of America". Is it FbA of FBoA or should it be FooBarOfAmerica?

A: It's also possible to spell it out as EffBeeOhAye or FbOa, but those are kludgy and UgLy (and not MeaningfulNames). Note that FBoA isn't a valid WikiWord. Use the WikiAlphabet when you really must include a letter in a WikiName (e.g. JayLanguage).

Q: Should I use 'Versus' as in RealizeVersusRealise or 'Vs'as in DiscussionVsConsensus in a WikiName?

A1: See VersusVsVs?. No, that's VersusVersusVs? Well, actually, it's VsVersusVersus? - or is that VsVsVersus??

A2: Proving that there are no rules here, one sees Vs more often than Versus here. It's shorter and fairly well known. Also see WikiNameSynonym?.

A3: On the third hand, "Versus" is longer than "Vs" and so makes a better search term. Searching for "Vs" will find pages about CVS, for instance.

Q: What about names containing punctuation?

A: ItDepends: The period, comma, and hyphen are easily omitted and CamelCase picks up for the lost punctuation. The ApostropheCatastrophe is another problem and there are various kludges.

Q: For a thready page why not end the name of the page with 'Discussion'?

A: See WikiNameModifiers.

Q: Should I consider using 'Category' in my new page's name?

A1: Yes, but the time when you should actually do it is NotYet.

A2: Use Category, and be prepared for the page to be pruned radically by visitors.

WikiHistory: Back when the reverse link was very slow and locked the main Wiki database, people would sometimes save the results of the reverse name lookup back to the Category* page, so that others could see the result without doing the expensive lookup themselves. This technique is no longer needed; VolunteerHousekeepers now delete the lookup lists, if no value has been added by later editing.

Compare WikiNameAdvantages with WikiNameDisadvantages.

See ChoosingWikiNamesDiscussion, DontNamePagesThoughtsIssuesIdeasOrOpinions, RenamingWikiPages, RefactorByMerging, TooShortTooPithy, and MeaningfulName.

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