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What stops impolite individuals from just deleting whole bunches of pages?

I think that's bull, as there's a cabal who edits others' work, under the guise that it's OffTopic. But let's face it, it's that cabal that sets the topic and determines what fits within it and what doesn't. That tends to stifle creative comment. The only justification for the removal of OffTopic comments or WikiPages is the lack of server space or bandwidth. That may indeed be the rationale (albeit unstated), but it sure looks to me like the academic community which moderates this wiki has set itself up as the arbiters of what can and what can't be posted here. (Correction, what posts will and won't be allowed to remain here.) That, to my mind, fundamentally thwarts the concept of what a wiki is. But don't take my word for it - coz it'll be deleted shortly. Won't it? This thread belongs in WhyWikiWorksNot and, in fact, is already partially there. ~ MontanaRowe

This is why wiki sucks. Instead of many people collaborating to provide a comprehensive, intelligent, well-written and digestible document, it simply turns into a page where many people add their own contributions. A new idea or contribution isn't integrated, but simply added at the end, perhaps repeating or contradicting points made before.

There are many pages where that is simply not true. Many pages that have real, valuable technical content end up being refactored and condensed into DocumentMode. If you feel that the wiki concept sucks, go back to UseNet or forums. Alternatively, become a WikiGnome and start making it better right here and now. FixYourWiki.

[Keep in mind that WikiIsNotWikipedia. The dissertations presented here come from the collective conscious of the participants. The bulk of Wikizens here are software development professionals with years of experience and the wisdom to separate what seems to work from what actually does. That wisdom gets distilled into DocumentMode pages when enough arguing and offline cogitation has taken place.]

Shouldn't all cogitation about wiki take place OnWiki?? Isn't that part of the point?

See: WhyWikiWorksNot, WikiResponseTime, GotDeleted, WikiPatterns, AlchemyOfWiki.

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