Gunnar Zarncke

I am a ThinkingSpecialist and LanguageAgnostic, though I currently use JavaLanguage mostly (because of the VM, not Syntax+Semantics). I used to be a ThreeStarProgrammer and ThinkObjectsButWriteAssembler for my m68k kernel. I'm still WritingCodeAtHome. I am one who WritesCompilersAsaHobby and GaveUpOnTelevision. And I say: ForgetTheDebugger and DontLoseGoodIdeas.

I'm no longer active here. I moved on to Will continue checking now and then about monthly.

I was a part-time member of the HamburgXpUsersGroup.

I played around with the SmallestFederatedWiki. My wiki there is

MyMyersBriggsTypeIs INTJ, but slightly so in all four aspects, probably, because I am FindingTheMiddleWay.

I'm often signed short with .gz which I developed here and which I find somehow funny and fitting.


Links related to my OpenRepository? (currently DummyStage?/SpikeSolution): For me to write about/contribute to: For me to look into: For me to find later: interesting recent projects in programming languages: Wiki rules to follow up: and to be aware of: To remember (from JonathanTang):

[...] I've noticed that the success of a language depends on its ability to draw a community that's willing to invest their time in it. The success of that depends on the original creator's ability to stand aside and accept contributions from users, regardless of any ego-attachment to the language. I thought that a comment like that, even if joking, might give the impression that I'm more concerned with it being my language than it being a good language.

idea from CostinCozianu to follow up:

[...] One possible idea would be to set up a network of password protected HTTP proxies between people who know each other and have a modest bandwidth to donate. I don't know how much this idea is worth though.

English is funny; its short words allow sentences like this:

  The receiver logs the ic id if it is in ir io code.

This use to be on a WikiPage but was deleted:

A way of assessing a baby's condition shortly after birth. The score is taken at one and five minutes, to assess improvement. Many babies have low initial scores, which improve rapidly. The five following qualities are used:

Each of the 5 qualities are given a rating of 0 (not present), 1 ('so-so'), or 2 (normal). Thus an Apgar score is a number from 0 to 10, and the higher the better...

OffTopic. Delete this and read WikiPedia instead?

I know it is off topic. Someone might meet the expression and wonder what it means. -- JohnFletcher

I pup this on ApgarScore, but it got deleted (though I think it is OnTopic), maybe I will add it to CodeSmell or somewhere else later:

It is off topic, but I like the phrase (and I can add some example values: My first son had 6/8/9 after a somewhat traumatic birth and my second son 9/10/10 which is more usual). And I think it might be a strong analogy for new projects (which are our babys too). To check how healthy a "newborn" project is, we could measure 5 aspects after a day, a week, a month to check if is healty. Candidate properties could be (in analogy to the above):


Gunnar, in a way I also feel like a ThinkingSpecialist. Interested in applying the PatternMethod? to other areas? At MeatBall: WikiPatternLanguage. At CoForum: WirtschaftsPatternSprache?. I'd also like to invite you to DseWiki. Thinkers needed everywhere... -- HelmutLeitner

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