Wiki Way

WikiWay is an expression of essence in a design, an interface, a tool


Wiki feels right and that rightness can be applied elsewhere

-- MarkEichin

See WabiSabi, and the book TheWikiWay (by BoLeuf and WardCunningham).

This is an excellent way to capture, store, and disseminate project knowledge. I will use it religiously moving forward and encourage others to do so also.

Leave a message on the homepage of an individual. It is a good Wiki Way to communicate with them directly. If it is meant for one time reading, precede message with DeleteWhenRead.

[I think this page used to be somewhat different - anyone have a local backup of it from earlier?]

Isn't this the real problem with Wiki: the temptation to edit another's work is very strong (Johnson, wasn't it?) and how can we trust that someone won't misrepresent us somehow? Does the WikiWay spirit of collaboration really work, is what I'm asking, I guess. See WhyWikiWorks.

The site which supports the open source distribution of wiki and discussion related to the book by BoLeuf and WardCunningham

In the same way as open source applies the WikiWay principle "what feels right", the same holds for OpenBusiness, which generalizes the open source idea as presented in <->

-- FridemarPache

Rumour has it that the street address for the C2 consortium is 2 Wikiway.

Well, what *is* the wiki way? If wiki means quick, then the wiki way is the quick way, as opposed to the slow way. But is that it? At Wikipedia somebody tried to define the wiki way as everybody's right to propose new policies

But I don't think that is enough.

I think one important aspect is allowing everybody to work in parallel without one person blocking another person's work.

This would be to management what the REST principles are to API designing (RepresentationalStateTransfer)

-- LarsAronsson, September 2005

The wiki way is about radical collaboration while preserving everyone's contribution. The idea is to add and refine, rather that delete another's input. Subtract only when a greater synthesis is made that simplifies the conversation. --MarkJanssen


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