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A group of folks on The C++ Source advisory board would like to put together a "Who's Who in C++" document. BillVenners suggested doing this via a wiki page, and then when it achieves a certain done-ness, turn it into an article for The C++ Source. I think that's a great idea and suggested this page as a start. -- WardCunningham

ScottMeyers' recent Artima article "The Most Important C++ People... Ever" [http://www.artima.com/cppsource/top_cpp_people.html] might be a good starting point. His five were:

Some additional individuals: The STL is so incredibly essential to (and fused with) modern C++ that I would insist that Stepanov should be one of the top 3, ahead even of Meyers and Alexandrescu. -- DougMerritt

Members of the team that created the C++StandardTemplateLibrary and the definitive book by the same name: Alexander A. Stepanov, Meng Lee, and David R. Musser.

Should RobertMurray be on the list? Also:

Names contributed by BjarneStroustrup

[from http://www.artima.com/forums/flat.jsp?forum=226&thread=174250]

(Of course, he didn't mention himself. HumilityIsKey)

Names contributed by WalterBright:

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