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By category (some OS's may appear in more than one)

Standard Unices and Unix clones; including Unix ports on top of MicroKernels:

Derivations from Unix (may support POSIX.1 API or something resembling a standard Unix shell, but deviates from Unix in some significant way) Windows (desktop/server): Other PC operating systems, including legacy systems: Well-known MicroKernels:

ObjectCapabilityOperatingSystems: RealTimeOperatingSystems: HandHeld computing (this refers to OS's designed for this purpose; LinuxOs also powers commercial PDAs) BigIron OS's (excluding Unix/Windows): Things SteveJobs had something to do with (and derivatives thereof): Operating systems written in a high-level programming language Experimental/Research: Distributed OS: ProgrammingLanguages which resemble an OS (or which are often found self-hosting -- see LanguageIsAnOs and PinkyAndTheBrainLanguage). Operating systems implemented in C or C++ don't count here. OS's from 70s and 80s micros, now largely legacy OS's: Others, sorted in alphabetical order (categorize please): And in the abstract: Some legacy operating systems:

Others: (to be deleted here, added above, or used to fix links in lists above... maybe)


Which ones use CooperativeThreading?

Alternative ideas: ExoKernel

See also MyOperatingSystemWillBeatYourOperatingSystem - a Category/tag.

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