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Once a CodeFork from NetBsd, OpenBsd places an emphasis on security and code correctness. Nearly all of the code base has been subjected to rigorous code audits, including versions of Bind and Apache. The OpenBsd project claims to have only had two remote root vulnerabilities on a default install since 1996.

In the 4.2 release they decided to make their first complete install ISO ready to burn for everybody. They did not provide that in the past because they thought people should understand OpenBsd before they install it.

It is said that

This claim they make sense is in my view a touch on the conservative side. I had never before installed a Unix or even been root admin on one, or been a power user. I installed OpenBsd easily, if only I had read the all the nice email it sends you and followed its advice I would have had no trouble at all. While sitting there reading man page, my intelligent but unix illiterate son looked over my shoulder, he noticed in the first 10 seconds of reading (he reads *very* fast), "Hey that makes sense, it is trying to help you". I checked and made sure that I found out what he meant. Other documentation he had read (on windows applications) sort of mumbles around, this man page seemed to be trying (in an active sense) to be both clear and helpful. I know your mileage may vary and that at times it is very hard to convince any UNIX like man to give you the right page, but "Hey that makes sense, it is trying to help you" is the most outstanding praise I have ever heard a help system receive. -- contented new user

For those interested in security, there is also BastilleLinux. Like OpenBsd, it is meant to be highly secure on a default installation.

There is an official IRC channel #openbsd at FreeNode.

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