Palm Os

Once the most popular HandHeld computer OperatingSystem in North America (and possibly elsewhere). Europeans like SymbianOs, and by 2010 North American's preferred BlackBerry, AndroidOs? and IphoneOs?.

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Palm complaints:

It'd be nice if the palm had fixed-width fonts. The three fonts that come with the PalmPilot are proportional fonts. Reading code in a proportional font just seems uncomfortable.

The PEdit editor has several fixed-width fonts of various sizes. -- KrisJohnson

I think that PalmOs is the current best example of what an ideal end user OS should look and act like. Many people have trouble with windows, but anyone can figure out a PalmPilot.

Is PalmOS still available? It seems everything has gone the way of smartphones and the web... What about those of us who simply want to organize our pocket information?

In 2010, there is nothing much (if anything) on the market that is pure plain Palm OS. A couple of companies seem to have Palm OS 5 Garnet runtimes or emulators in their newer multi-tasking platforms in order to be able to run "Classic" Palm OS applications made for the 68k or ARM devices: webOS (WebOs?, from Palm, Inc. offers MotionApps? Classic and ACCESS Company's AccessLinuxPlatform? ( ).

Aceeca, a company in New Zealand, still (2014) seems to be making Palm OS (Garnet) 5 PDAs for industrial use (

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