John Passaniti

Actual home page is:

I live in Rochester, New York. When I'm not goofing-off, I work as a Software Engineer.

I just realized something stupid. Here's a list of the companies I have worked for, in reverse chronological order:

Yes, I apparently can only work for companies that have "technology" in their name. The end result of this is that most of my family doesn't really know what I do for a living. I need to work for a company that has a nice, unambiguous name-- like Bob's Auto Parts or maybe Sam's Deli-- then they would know I had a real job.

One day, I want to start restaurant. It's going to be some small, quiet, hole-in-the-wall someplace where people can get the best Greek/Korean/Mexican "fusion cuisine" in the city. It will get rave reviews and have scores of famous people visiting from all around the world. But after a few years of struggling to survive, paying the mob protection money, and having our head chef leaving for a television career as the replacement for Emeril Lagasse, we'll close. We'll shut the doors, and move out to Arizona where my partner and I will sip iced tea all day and make mad passionate love all night.

Well, that's the plan, but for now, I just write software.

WhatDoesOneDay? mean. How does one know it when it is? Will the restaurant have technology in its name, like possibly calling it Techno Fusion Food Shack? Maybe when OneDayFinallyArrives? you can save a lot of money and time by going straight to the "shut the doors" part and arrive in Arizona in front, ahead, and before the crowd. ButForNowDreamsWillDo? -- :)


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