Jeff Grigg

Jeff Grigg, CCP

Title: "Senior Technical Integration Consultant"

Located in Brea, CA at the moment. Plan to be in Chicago for about a month starting in late January. (Bad time of year to do that; I know. ;-) And then... maybe Paris?!? (We'll see.)


My personal email address is...

   JeffreyToddGrigg -at- gmail -dot- com

[In February and March of 2011: I see that someone is posting under the UserName JeffGrigg. But they are not me.]

It's the GrammarVandal.

Somehow, that does not surprise me. -- JeffGrigg

[In May of 2012, the GrammarVandal seems to be impersonating me again.]

[June 12th of 2012 -- another impersonator.]

Pages On My Mind:

Lost (from) My Mind:


I started programming in 1976, professionally in 1981, most of it being contracting-style engagements, typically about a year on each project. (3 to 5 years per employer.) Client/server projects have tended to be risky: Even at the end of a successful project, most companies have not (historically) been prepared to start another risky project right away, so I'm often off to greener pastures. (So call me a mercenary! ;-)

Almost every customer I've worked for has tried to hire me. Some have even succeeded.

I've done a lot of work in C++ on Windows and Unix, with various relational databases. And VisualBasic (VbClassic) -- mostly with VbUnit (VbUnitThree). And lots and lots of other stuff. (Ask me what I haven't done. I find it easier to answer that question. ;-)

An "NT" on the MyersBriggs test. ( many other programmers.)


January 29, 2004. Jeff, I award you the BarnStar for long persisting in the thankless job of archiving RecentChanges. Thank you! -- ScottMoonen

And another one for being our in-house historian and living memory. -See WikiHistory -- Robert Abitbol

Jeff, thank you for your comments about ChangesInMonth. I think you deserve another star for all the work on VB. Thank you also for giving me a star. I will keep up with the work on ChangesInMonth. -- JohnFletcher.

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