Tom Anderson

Thomas W. Anderson <>. He wishes his middle initial was 'A', like in TheMatrix. He likes QuickChanges (<>) and feels that it reflects wiki's immanent TurboRealism?.

Tom was formerly a student of biochemistry at OxfordUniversity?, then a ResearchAssistant? at the university's WeatherallInstituteOfMolecularMedicine, and now is neither: at the end of September 2003, he became a PhD student in the MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology, at UniversityCollegeLondon?.

He thought he was just passing through the wiki, but has been here long enough that he might be around forever. However, he doesn't have a UserName cookie set, as he doesn't believe in them; he will be UsingSignatures when appropriate and avoid signatures the rest of the time (after all, these are OurWordsNotYours, and, indeed, OurWordsNotMine). He was happy to learn that LinksAreContent.

He is not the same as any of the professors of computer science with the same name (there are several), although he is an amateur hacker - raised on the JavaLanguage, increasingly digging SmallTalk and the LispLanguage, and now mostly hacking in the PythonLanguage. He believes firmly that ExceptionsAreOurFriends, and hopes fervently that software can be built well with NoProcess. He thinks he invented the ConstructorObject idiom. He is a SecondGenerationProgrammer, being the son of BruceAnderson; he has occasionally mown WayneCool's lawn (but never got paid).

He uses UnixOperatingSystems (and MacOsx in particular) whenever he can; when he can't, he has some MicrosoftWordComplaints.

He had an idea for a sort of DecoratorWiki.

I'm not home right now, but you can leave a message after the line. -- ta

Tom - Please visit ImmunityDesignPrinciples and then delete this line. --JamesCrook Visited, read, not deleted. Ha! -- ta

Interesting. On a tangent, i occasionally think about how the idea of design patterns might be applied to biology; it would be analytical, like AntiPatterns, rather than constructive, but it might be really interesting. Plus, someone might get to write a book called 'The Order of Nature':).

Tom, when you find a good algorithm for the StridingAcrossSteppingStones problem, please post the details there. I'd like to see it. It's a nice chewy problem. -- MarkIrons?

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