Small Talk

If you're interested in Smalltalk, see SmalltalkLanguage. The rest of this page is about the spelling of "Smalltalk". --JasonGrossman

I spell Smalltalk wrong occasionally. Simply because, way back when I was a NeXTStep (later NeXTSTEP and, still later NEXTSTEP, [see NextStep]) programmer, the ObjectiveCee programmers I learned OO from did so. I was ignorant, so were they. I doubt any of us were showing off; it was simply a bad habit that got transmitted. -- WilliamGrosso

I tend to write SmallTalk in CamelCase because I spent so much time hacking PostScript (which is, after all, one word). --

[PS being the abbreviation of the latin "post scriptum" (literally "after writing"), which is in two words. Why the hell, the habit of capitalization for PS did arise, is an open question -- PieterJansegers]

But Postscript is also not spelled in CamelCase!! -- MarcelWeiher

Postscript is often abbreviated ps though, so I could see the confusion. CamelCase has been beaten into me so bad from programming and such that I often type that way without much thought.

Hi, I'm JohnDoe, and I write SmallTalk wrongly <fx>hangs head in shame</fx>

I write SmallTalk with a capital T because it makes the SmugSmalltalkWeenies squirm, and gives them yet another opportunity to get all smug and tell me how ignorant I am, all the while I chuckle to myself how silly it is that the hOOlier than thou weenies get so enraged over something so trivial.

Smalltalk is case-sensitive. The global variable "Smalltalk" is used throughout the system. No developer who has used Smalltalk would spell it "SmallTalk". However you rationalize it to yourself, when you use the term "SmallTalk", you shout your inexperience with the language and environment -- especially when you combine your arrogance with phrases like "hOOlier than thou weenies". -- TomStambaugh, hOOlier than thou weenie.

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