Wayne Cool

Wayne Cool is a professor of information architecture at the University of Essex in England, well-known for his work on concept maps. He is also a consultant specializing in team leadership and luggage design. He is lesser known as a master brewer whose crowning accomplishment is Starbeck's [http://c2.com/wiki/starbeck.html].

Wayne was born Wilhelm Kohl; just after the war his family fled Germany in the face of rising academic standards, and settled in England.

Prof. Cool has many publications and several patents to his name. As an example of his work the Alta Vista search engine can display information in concept map form, there called "topic map". Unfortunately, because there weren't enough characters left in the label, Prof. Cool's name was shortened. Some browsers for the Mac do in fact display his full name.

Prof. Cool is an excellent classical guitarist. I was in a master class with him in London ten years ago and was amazed at the simple way he communicated complex concepts. -- KentBeck

Myself and a colleague will be visiting London in a couple of weeks and would really enjoy meeting Mr. Cool for some tea and scones. How can we contact him? -- DavidThompson

Professor Cool asked me to tell you that he is not a tourist attraction, and suggests you try the Changing of the Guard or a Cotswold village. He also said that you shouldn't forget your cameras and Hawaiian shirt. -- BruceAnderson

It's a shame, isn't it, that so few of us will ever be able to be exposed to some of these most interesting individuals. It's perhaps the only justification for keynote speeches. -- RonJeffries

I once heard Prof Cool say "An architecture isn't just for Christmas" but I didn't understand at the time. Now I realise how profound his statement was. -- BruceAnderson


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