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Stumbled across wiki wiki several days ago and can not get it out of my head. I think of using this as a communication mode for other things than programming. ~04 January 2002 - - - Nature is itself, Wiki

Notice: Working on WikiSong - please join me.

SoYaWannaWikiWiki then PrepareTheWay, WikiStyle cause it is all about WikiNature and WikiZen, so WikiNow! Try to avoid FileMode, although I am struggling with it. Remember => WelcomeToWikiPleaseBePolite

My thoughts about the WorldWideWikiWeb are centered around the idea that we regular people can create an information system that is simple and would fall below the radar so as not to cause a backlash against it,(WikiWikiUndergroundNewsChannel) like with internet radio. I think my idea of OneBigWiki (see also AllInOneWiki) (Wiki for wikis or wiki4wiki or w4w as web addresses, like p2p. . . only cubed, no the next exponential. . . )

 Where this Your thoughts leading to the founding of WikiIndex in 2006? -- ManorainjanHolzapfel

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Hey, Mark, don't forget to tell anyone you know that uses a wiki in the workplace about our survey for our class on "Computer Supported Cooperative Work" at UM's School of Information (SI) ( -requires javascript- ) -- it seems to us so far that the concept of Wiki works well for collaborative work as well as less formal endeavors - though there is a lot more paranoia in the work setting (which may seem anti-WikiSpirit?) and there are probably plenty of squabbles to have with the connotations of our use of "work" as distinct from what goes on in Public Wikis -- Anyway we would LOVE for people who have experience with Wiki in their workplace to run through the survey and come back to THE Wiki to discuss it at: WikiInTheWorkplaceSurvey. - TomAllison

Mark, I like your movie list -- Have you seen "La Jettee"? ( Its the French original that Twelve Monkeys was based on -- it's something like 25 minutes long and all still shots --- It's currently my favorite movie of all time... Also, "My Dinner With Andre" ( -- it's a classic and looks like it would fit with the rest of your list -- Finally, my favorite for a very long time (maybe still, I just can't get over La Jettee, right now :)) -- is Ingmar Bergman's "Fanny and Alexander" ( -- incredible -- Just passing on some movie love -- TomAllison

oo, oo -- wait a minute, what about absolutely anything that John Sayles (,%20John ) has ever made? includes:



RoadMaps where we'd only have road maps to all articles on all wikis. I am planning to do a few roadmaps on this wiki so this could be a start.

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