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When you are one with the WikiWikiWeb... you have achieved WikiZen. When you are not in CantSeeTheForestForTheTrees mode... when you are not busy constructing convoluted presentation markup... you have achieved WikiZen.

There are those on this forum that refer to Wiki participants as "Wikizens" (see WikiZens). A play on "citizen". Adding the caps on the Zen emphasizes the "one with" angle, per the western popularization of the Zen EasternPhilosophy...less interestingly called a WikiCitizen. (Wikizen in this sense is a FrankenWord or PortmanteauWord)

See GoodWikiCitizen.

Adding the caps on the Zen emphasizes the "one with" angle

In ZaZen there is nothing to be one with. Being one with something is a burden for the mind.

Burden? -- JohnKellden Now? Yes, Now.




Never mind.

I think by One With they are really trying to say Total Awareness Of, basically the same thing. Don't argue about the words. Just sit.

No matter.

Don't look for total awareness or oneness or anything of the sort. Welcome them when you find them, but don't become attached. All attachments are distractions, even attachment to non-attachment. One with is self-defeating. Learn to be not two.

Don't even think two. When in doubt, just say, Not two. And please do not confuse with the two's complement!

What did the Buddhist say when he ordered a hot dog?

Make me one with everything.

See also ZenoBuddhism. can't be "one" if "one" has no mind...???

The mind is not what one has. The mind is also not what one is. So what is the mind (just the mind), other than a route to confusion. The Way is so much more than the mind... this is why we consider Zen.

One is a Way. We can feel One even more concretely than we can feel "the mind". It is a good path.

See also UniversalMind.

All are one with the mind sans those suffering dissociative personality. No?

LaoTse sez life's a big river, and we're all just waves on its surface. Suffering, dissociation, personality, and all those other words are flashes of sunlight reflecting and refracting, not something to fret about.

One/"we" cannot use words to *speak* of "any-thing." As soon as one/"we" uses words, dissociation occurs. Wittgenstein says, "Whereof we do not know, we may not speak."

Whence cometh "I?"


Wittgenstein et al.: shut up I say, although your are absolutely correct. We may not speak, for sure, as there are always the nay-sayers and neglecters and finally subduers that will make hush up the ones that say the unbelievable, the no-thought, the inevitable truth.

As for the WikiZen, it is all about the we, the we that finally can make up something together from nothingness. -- CarstenKlein

Ah, yes! "Ex nihilo, wiki facta est." (Out of nothingness, wiki is created.) -- JohnReynoldsTheStudent

WikiGenstein? says, what are you trying to say when you say you won't say?

"Sometimes a blade of grass can be as powerful as a 16-foot golden statue of the Buddha. And sometimes, a 16-foot golden statue of the Buddha can be as powerful as a blade of grass." - Zen mondo

There's a difference?

Do you have to ask?

Musician Kevin Johansen titled one of his albums "City-Zen", playing with the words as in here.

"It is later than you think"

 -ancient proverb

It is important to remember Zen is One(1) and One(1) is Zen. Zen is truly "The path to inner peace", or "enlightenment" if wewikiwill. "Zen", if wewikiwill, is the result of Buddhism beginning in India and traveling through China, then Korea into Japan. The early Japanese schools imitated fairly close to their Chinese models, and both were from the Hinayana and Mahayana schools. These are also referred to the "greater" and "lesser" vehicles. Some refer to Zen being the petals of the flower, (in regards to Japanese "Zen"). Dosho(629-700), the founder of the Hosso school, introduced Ch'an ( a Southern School--"Sudden South, Gradual North") to Japan, however "Zen" itself wouldn't take root for another five centuries. One(1) is the number of our creator...before one(1) there is nothing, after one(1) there is nothing.

Creator? Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, I think you better get another hat!

Mrs. Fish CategoryWikiUser

Zen is Zen----


Fin? The move after CheckMate??

Cool site.

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