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I am a software engineer or "architect", which means that various people have attributed me some kind of professional experience and trustworthiness during my career. I was born in Romania and I moved to the US in 2000; I lived in the Los Angeles area. Currently living in Seattle. -- CostinCozianu

Email: ccozianu at


By the way, is hiring, especially in Seattle area. It's a great place to work for, including tough challenges. If, by any chance, I know you from wiki, and you're interested shoot me an email. If I don't know you and you're, shoot me an email anyways. I expect the hiring frenzy to stay with us for at least another 6 months.


I should start a real blog on the subject of software engineering.

In retrospect, many of the things I've written in here I only found them to be even more accurate with the passing of time.

In particular ObjectRelationalPsychologicalMismatch, i.e. a bunch of undiscerning, oo "minded" people using object-relational frameworks to spread havoc through code bases. The waste of developer productivity that I've seen with my own eyes, are unbelievable. The current crop of frameworks (the leading one RubyOnRails, Microsoft LINQ, and Hibernate all suffer to a significant degree from design flaws and inflict significant flaws on unsuspecting developers).

At least Microstf LINQ has started in the right direction. Still, even in 2009 suffers from significant immaturity. Things that ought to be trivial, aren't. If they eventually get to the destination, that would provide a strong incentive for others to just do the right thing.

My wiki blog. Ok, wiki blog entries should be in reverse chronological order.


In case any WikiGnome currently fighting a certain "blueyonder" is listening out there, please leave blueyonder to correct my spelling punctuation for all the texts that can be safely traced to me. Such is the case with PrimitivesAndMeansOfComposition. I can understand why other people feel disenchanted with his/her incessant correction of all the commas and typos, but this is not my case. I make too many errors when typing and have too little time and patience to come back to be in a position to get annoyed by editors like blueyonder. Consider that when blueyonder corrects any of my texts, it should be regarded at least with the same consideration as I myself would come back and fix my typos and bad punctuation. I'm sure blueyonder corrects other people's contribution as well, so there's plenty of room left for EditWar. Anybody listening ?

Yup, I'm fine with that, even though I personally think BlueYonder should be shot and pissed on, and not necessarily in that order -- though not for legitimate gnoming but for being deliberately provocative, uncooperative, and blatantly exploiting open proxies. Anyway, BlueYonder seems to have backed off for the moment, and I did the recent bit of gnoming on PrimitivesAndMeansOfComposition. Nice bit of work on that, by the way. You neatly expressed something I'd been thinking about for a while, and much better than I would have done. -- DaveVoorhis

TODO list:

Lecture pointers

On pluralism

A topic I am fascinated about, given that my religion (Orthodox Christianity) would presumably qualify me as moonist, I've witnessed (even briefly) the effects of communism, and have come to the shocking realization that failure of commitment to pluralism is likely to be one of the most often repeated lessons (errors?) in the history of the human culture - now coming with new hype flavors at an IP near you: OnlineCulture, WebTwoPointOh and so on, so forth.

On criticism, CriticalSpirit, etc:

Have you compared your code which passed Colin's challenge to Colin's own code?

No, I haven't had access to Colin's code. I think the time is ripe to stop the challenge, so that we can discuss code but it's not up to me.

I'm puzzled - did your code really satisfy Colin's requirement to "write the routine for yourself from scratch, and not look it up in any external source"? Didn't you say your code was based on library code + a wrapper?

No, it was based on the bsearch of the standard <stdlib.h> header, I was inspired that GNU's glibc implementation of bsearch had the kinds of bugs that Colin is shooting for, so I took my initially submitted code and adjusted it just enough to make it a correct implementation of bsearch, then I added a tiny adapter to meet Colin's specs. You can check for yourself as the glibc code is public, and is significantly different from what I submitted initially, because glibc is not designed to return the first index if there are several elements matching the key.

I understand, but what exactly was "Actually that one is exactly the code behind #1025 plus a thin adapter" saying as to whether the "fixed" bsearch still contained Colin-style bugs?

My photos from WikiSym

Obviously with Ward.

And with BayleShanks.

test for SimpleWebs sync direct substitution of simplewebs for "ceeTwo" at the simplewebs site changed the address of the photo for you with Ward to an invalid address - corrected here (note simplewebs will make it wrong at simplewebs) 20070327 1728 -- DonaldNoyes

Spring cleanup. I am still alive and only from time to time get a code word.

(db) Nice pictures! Costin looks nicer and kinder than we thought. Right or wrong, good or bad, one thing is sure: Costin likes wikis and wikizens. And this is why he is one of us. He is different (to say the least:-)), unique perhaps, but he is one of us nevertheless. A different one of us let's say. :=)

Ich folge dir gleichfalls mit freudigen Schritten und lasse dich nicht, mein Leben, mein Licht. Befördre den Lauf und höre nicht auf, selbst an mir zu ziehen, zu schieben, zu bitten.

Cheap web translation: "I also follow you with happy steps and do not leave you, my life, my light. Befördre the run and does not stop moving even in me, pushing asking." Vandals?


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