Finding The Middle Way

Most discussions (on this WikiWiki and otherwhere) seem to be about opposite opinions. One says A and another one says not-A, both argue their point. Sometimes a conclusion is reached, sometimes a synthesis is found, but often the answer must be: ItDepends. This is especially so, if real human beings are involved.

Example (inspired by discussion on FairnessDoctrine?):

I think, that is is often a BifurcationFallacy.

My position is FindingTheMiddleWay in this case: Basically you have to treat your children (s/child/human/) equally, but there is no need to suppress your delight when one child does something special, or your anger when it does something nasty. Your child will find its own MiddleWay between the extremes by learning how others respond to its behaviour.

FindingTheMiddleWay is hard.

Benefits of FindingTheMiddleWay: I have found this choosing the MiddleWay a useful LifeStrategy, especially after being married. Some things in life are just not BlackOrWhite?, TrueOrFalse?, but ShadesOfGrey?.


See MiddleWay, ItDepends, BifurcationFallacy, GoldilocksSolution, AllThingsInModerationEspeciallyModeration, ConservationOfComplexity


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