Alice Language

Not to be confused with the project defined at -- see AliceSoftware or SqueakAlice.

From <>, Wikified:

Alice is a FunctionalProgrammingLanguage based on Standard ML [SmlLanguage], extended with support for ConcurrentProgramming, DistributedProgramming, and ConstraintProgramming. Alice extends Standard ML with several new features:

The Alice system is a powerful, open-source programming system featuring the following tools:

Alice builds on our experience with developing the Mozart system [MozartProgrammingSystem]. Previous versions of Alice were based on the Mozart VirtualMachine, and Alice programs could interoperate with OzLanguage. Alice 1.0 and later use the SeamVirtualMachine.

Be our guest on the Short Tour of Alice! <>

<> has some of the OzLanguage examples from ConceptsTechniquesAndModelsOfComputerProgramming transcribed into Alice.

I wish this language had more hype behind it, it has really nice ideas, and could probably even win back the OCaml converts to it's SMLish style.


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