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Pages to do with ProgrammingLanguages (contrast CategoryNaturalLanguage).

The convention is to append 'Language' for the WikiName and to expand single letters according to the WikiAlphabet. However, sometimes that doesn't work and you have to improvise. Some less obvious or WikiUnFriendlyNames are listed here (seems to me that all are listed here; should we clean this up?) (indeed: surely the only ones that need to be listed here are those that are neither of the form OnewordnameLanguage nor MultiWordName?):

Pedagogic Languages

Practical Jokes

Pre-Historic Languages

Types of ProgrammingLanguage:



Other ProgrammingLanguage discussion

One may define a LanguageSubset, as an aid to teaching. Or talk about LittleLanguage. (...really a discussion of Unix tools) Or you may need help ChoosingTheRightLanguage to solve your problem.

On the other hand, some people regret starting a LanguagePissingMatch... (btw, CobolIsDead!)

Or, to address ProgrammingLanguages at a higher level. Is it a real ProgrammingLanguage, even if it's not TuringComplete? How might one go about MeasuringLanguageComplexity?

Or the performance of particular ProgrammingLanguage implementations - ComputerLanguageBenchmarksGame.

And discussions of LanguageAsInterface, LanguageUsability, EnglishLikeFeatures and such focus on the intersection between HumanBeings and the languages they use to communicate with each other and with compilers and interpreters.

ProgrammingParadigm shows some typical ProgrammingLanguages for each paradigm.

See ProgrammingLanguageNamingPatterns for information on the names of ProgrammingLanguages.

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