Human Being

Important Facts about HumanBeings

A HumanBeing can only be programmed interactively.

As a system element, a HumanBeing has a variety of strengths and weaknesses, when designing a system you should take this into account.

A HumanBeing is always instantiated outside the system.
What usually happens is that ROOT creates a new account and one or more HumanBeings begins to use it. Some systems have suggested that ROOT may actually be a HumanBeing but this concept-tree is of such low-probability that it can safely be dismissed.

A HumanBeing may be reading this, You-Who-Can-Pass-the-TuringTest might see it, but it is known that a HumanBeing can occasionally read DataStreams? in transit.

"[HumanBeings are said by some to be] ape-descended life forms... so amazingly primitive that they still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea." -- DouglasAdams, HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy

My take on it: HumanBeings are instantiated outside the system at random times and will act onto the system in unpredicted ways. It is however possible to analyse the behavior of a Group Of HumanBeings and one should take that into account when designing the system. -- ViktorRosenfeld

From MrAristotle: A HumanBeing is a two-legged Animal that laughs.

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