Ml Language

The FunctionalProgrammingLanguage ML was originally developed by RobinMilner (TuringAward 1991) and was the first language to include PolymorphicTypeInference, together with a type-safe exception-handling mechanism. ML stands for MetaLanguage, not for MarkupLanguage. ML is not MachineLanguage.

ML is a StronglyTyped, StaticallyTyped language with semantics somewhat resembling those of the SchemeLanguage.

ML provides the following features:

Unlike Haskell [HaskellLanguage] (and like LispLanguage and Scheme), ML is strict: the arguments to a function are always evaluated before evaluating the body of the function (see StrictEvaluation and LazyEvaluation).

There are three ML dialects in wide use:

See for a concise description of the differences between O'Caml and Standard ML.

Can we see some code snippet and syntax/notation examples here?

Maybe some SmlLanguage examples would satisfy. There is an example at that page already.

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