Embedded Language

Languages that were designed to be used from within another program.

Examples include:

Each of which has a cleanly written ApplicationProgrammingInterface for passing data to and from your "host" program to their interpreter. Typically, you can instantiate several interpreters within your program.

The Windows OS provides a common API, known as WindowsScriptingHost, for applications to load and execute scripts written in any language supported by the WSH, and for scripts to invoke COM objects exposed by the application.

For JavaLanguage, InternationalBusinessMachines provide the BeanScriptingFramework? that lets you do the same for any supported EmbeddedLanguage that works in the JavaVirtualMachine. http://www.alphaworks.com

-- RonPerrella

"What Is "Embedding"?" http://www.unixreview.com/documents/s=7459/uni1032274224783/

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