Eric Raymond

Eric S. Raymond the MargaretMead? of the OpenSource movement., OpenSource/FreeSoftware and Linux promoter, commentator on TheHalloweenDocuments leaked from MicrosoftCorporation.

He wrote TheCathedralAndTheBazaar and its follow-ups, discussing the software development model used in Linux and other OpenSource projects:

Eric has announced his latest book, TheArtOfUnixProgramming, and is making early drafts available on the web. He's asking for contributors and feedback.

Staunch proponent of the inalienable RightToArmBears.

Has done work on OpenSource games like NetHack and EmpireWarGameOfTheCentury. He and JohnCowan are the curators of the RetrocomputingMuseum.

A ThreeLetterPerson, known as ESR. I read something (I think it was on MeatBall), about people AdvoGato automatically trusting someone using those initials, without varifying whether it actually was EricRaymond.

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