Wiki Patterns

The intent of these patterns is to suggest ways authors (and we are all authors) can, with a little discipline, make this hyperdocument easier to read and update. Please feel free to update, augment, correct, clarify, and reformat any of these patterns, or any of my articles. Just because they start out with my name on them does not mean I consider them mine. Please add to the list below too. (What the heck, I get more votes that way.)

WhyBotherToStructure: A brief hop onto the soapbox.

ListsToSuggestStructure: How the author of an article can suggest a substructure for follow up articles - and why one would want to.

KeyWords: How keywords can help you find what you want, and how keyword lists can be kept up to date.

DocumentRefactoring: When it's needed and how to do it.

CreateTalkPages: A page should be curated by its creator towards perfection. Discussion is separate.

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