Tim Peters

One of the ´┐Żber (and User)-Friendly Python gurus who hangs out on news:comp.lang.python. Related in some not particularly well understood way to the TimBot. Probably isn't reading Wiki, but might once someone points him at this link. -- BlakeWinton

I've been admiring his code for years, he writes some amazing stuff! -- ShaeErisson

Definitely one of the world's larger brains. -- SteveHolden

Trademark-signature-ly r's. -- NickBensema

Tim's a fine bot to have for an office-mate as well! -- FredDrake

Author of the PythonPhilosophy. -- SimonBrunning?

Count me as another TimPeters fan. -- KirbyUrner

Quondam floating point guru at Kendall Square Research. -- John Martin

I'm yet another TimPeters fan. -- AmitPatel

Happy to know TimBot personally since coupla years - he exists! -- Christian Tismer

Tim is one of the smartest and funniest people I have ever known - Steve Allen

Predicted the __future__ but where has he been the last 5+ years? -- MarkJanssen

Why I can edit this? -- HamidMalek


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