Ip Editing Only

Accountless user identification is actually a MisNomer? since it is not the user who gets identified, but the IP-number which is in use at that very moment. As we all know, IPs are not personal for the most part. You can 'buy' a DomainName but not an IP. Therefore no user gets identified by the used IP. Not even the terminal or WorkStation gets verified by an IP. Any given DSL-Provider may assign the same IP to just any customer from within a city, whoever goes online next or even shares one IP amongst several customers for parallel use of it.

IP-editing only simply means, You do not get a chance to create any kind of account. The system does not provide account functionality for the majority of its users. Maybe your IP gets recorded when you save your edit, maybe others could look it up, maybe not. Certainly the SuperUsers got an account! Control has its limits to both ends.


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