Steve Holden

Agile development methodologies will one day be the establishment approach. What will the radicals be doing then?

It seems that some AgileDevelopment techniques and principles (e.g. RefactorMercilessly) are much more generally applicable than others (e.g. PairProgramming), and that an insular existence demands a somewhat modified approach. What happens when the social dynamic changes?

I've tried some of the tools listed under VirtualPairProgramming, but they don;t seem to address the real issues.

Access to this (and other) Wikis is a valuable training resource.

Not the old Newton fan Steve Holden that collects news items for Pen Computing Magazine? No, but I occasionally get enquiries of this nature, so you can reach him as sholden at One day it would be interesting to meet him or her (easy to forget one's own name can apply to both genders). Indeed is it is, and clearly I did -- SH


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