Sean Palmer

That's meant to be Sean B. Palmer... (cf. WikiNameProblem?)

I wrote the WyPy 18 line Python wiki, and PwyKy, so I'm quite interested in wiki development, obviously.

See also: SemanticWeb, WikiStyle (I'm quite proud of that: Mr. Cunningham, take notice!), QuickWeb, WikiZen, CantSeeTheForestForTheTrees, WikiInterchangeFormat, TagUri, IckyWiki, HomerSimpson and so on

Cool stuff at Sean. --AndyPierce ''Thanks Andy :-)

-- Sean (I changed this from http://infomesh.etc since it seemed to be a typo, hope no one minds --AaronSwartz) SBP: Of course I don't mind... that's what Wiki's all about. -- SeanPalmer

QuickWeb is coming along great (i.e. fully working, good features, etc.), but I worry about the fundamental flaws of all Web systems: lack of a "starting place", and subsequent loss of information. Needs some kind of portal.

It would be great if Wiki-like systems could export all of the links in RDF, so one could browse the site from some kind of RDF-to-image conversion results. Of course, it would be difficult for really large wikis such as this one, but worth a try on some of the smaller ones. I think AaronSwartz is planning this for BlogSpace.


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