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QuickWeb is now go go go! See http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/ for the current version. You will have to learn QWML to edit the pages, so see the tutorials at http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/?QWMLEasy and http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/?QWMLIntro.

Interesting, but QWML's five mark-ups are much slower to enter than WikiSyntax. The whole advantage of Wikis is to provide fast, easy entry and update of information, surely?

- response: Yes, but the tags that QWML uses are only a few characters in length. This is surely not that much more complicated or tedious to enter as Wiki's text formatting rules?

This method requires "<p>" pairs, instead of just hitting Enter a couple of times.

It also requires <a href="http://www.anothersite.com">QWMLRef</a> instead of http://www.anothersite.com

- response: Which is good! This means that people can properly title their links, providing a sense of context and continutity, and that in-your-face URLs are reduced. cf. http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/wai-wcag-editor/1999JulSep/0027 (ironic that this is an in-your-face URL).

It also requires QWMLRef instead of QwmlRef?

- response: see above, and note the added benefit that WikiNames in QuickWeb are therefore CaseInsensitive.

For, it requires and instead of &qt;&qt; with an optional &qt;&qt;, and for, it requires and instead of &qt;&qt;&qt; with an optional &qt;&qt;&qt;.

- response: How many more characters is <s> than &qt;&qt;&qt;? I do agree that this approach may not seem as intuitive as Wikis, especially when first starting, and if you are used to Wiki's syntax, but if your the kind of person that writes HTML and/or XML all day long, you should find QWML to be quite refreshing! -- SeanPalmer

I'm interested why this near-HTML approach was taken, as it seems to have most of the speed disadvantages of HTML, (codes where Wiki does without and mandatory closing tags where Wiki does without), and few of the speed advantages of Wiki. --GRLove

''The above was typed in QuickWebs QWML

Another point is that is that the "near-HTML" code that QuickWeb uses is actually XML, making it possible for me to transform the pages using XSLT at a later date. Also, text formatting does not parse well using ASP, so using XML tags seemed to be the best way to do it.

Perhaps I need to write a QWML Tidy program, in the spirit of Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy, but there's probably no point! -- SeanPalmer

There are intros to QuickWeb at http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/?QuickWeb and http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/?QuickStart

Basically, it is my guestbook modified to be like a cross between Blogspace and Wiki. It uses an elegant stripped XHTML format called QWML, and can work on either a password, or an open editing style. The interface is like Wiki for URIs, and Blogspace for the 404 errors and input code... it works pretty well I think. There are some bugs listed at http://infomesh.net/2001/03/quickweb/?QuickWebBugs

QWML - The QuickWeb Markup Language, is a stripped down version of XHTML.

Sean B. Palmer, <mailto:sean@mysterylights.com> -- SeanPalmer

See http://usemod.com/cgi-bin/mb.pl?WikiLog. You could probably ask CliffordAdams about his experiment melding kuro5hin's Scoop with UseModWiki for some ideas, and you can probably ask RustyFoster about his ideas. By the way, in what way is QWML not like XHTML-Basic? -- SunirShah

QWML only uses 5 tags, in its own namespace not in XHTMLs. I did make a modularized XHTML Family out of it, so that you can use the elements in any XHTML Integration Set (not just XHTML Basic). BTW, when I say "it evolved from my guestbook" I do not mean that it is like a "log". It is a true edit everything Wiki. The difference is that it uses QWML! -- SeanPalmer

Oh, and I made a single new page for QWML because I expect to be adding lots of data to it shortly... although maybe I could just reference the QuickWeb definition of QWML from here?

I love the look of QuickWeb. Coupled with the semantics its name implies, the look of the site is refreshing and enticing. Which is kind of paradoxical.

Because I'm soon confronted with QWML. As my first-time experience unfolds, I expect QWML to be an innovative more-powerful-than-wiki-yet-quicker-than-html markup lang. I read all the available text I could find looking for the benefit. I never got it.

What is the advantage to all the added tag complexity? XML compliance? Data interchangeability? And if no one wants to use it because the markup is heavy and mandatory?

The author is dedicated to an idea, but I just yet don't see just what all his very capable work is meant to serve. What need is QuickWeb responding to?


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