Sci Fi

See ScienceFiction. Pronounced "sigh-fie" (bad) or "skiffy" (worse) or, as it has been known in The Good Ol' US of A, "si-fee" (as a derogatory).

A horrible term. If you're going to abbreviate it, say SF.

...because, within the field of science fiction, it is a very, very derogatory term, so to a writer or a fan of science fiction, it is offensive the same way that racial slurs are offensive.

The word "SciFi" has connotations similar to TheEnWord? and other racial epithets? Feh! If someone is that thin-skinned, they really ought to GetaGrip?. Perhaps we need a SmugScifiWeenies? page...

Within the field, elitists will be dismissive of things like E.E. "Doc" Smith, Lost in Space, Piers Anthony, sometimes but not always Star Trek, etc, by calling them "sci-fi", and fans of those things resent it.

But that's from one kind of fan to another. People who are outsiders to science fiction should avoid saying "sci-fi" altogether, unless they don't care about politeness.

As for other terms ("speculative fiction", etc) and definitional issues (is fantasy a kind of science fiction, vice versa, or neither), be aware that there has been debate on the subject for almost a century now, including actual academic scholarly debate, without a definitive resolution, although much of interest has been written.

Don't forget that science fiction is in fact an academic field of study, so it has its depths even beyond the stories themselves.

As science fiction is a well-established genre of literature, the fact that it is the subject of academic study (both for literary and sociological aspects) should be neither surprising nor remarkable. Although there might be some literary snobs out there who consider even "good" SF to be rubbish next to the likes of Shakespeare and other icons of GreatLiterature?; and thus might be annoyed by this point. :)

I thought SF was nowadays the abbreviation for SpeculativeFiction.

Some people use SciFi to refer to things like Godzilla, Star Wars, the Blob, and so on, whereas ScienceFiction would be Space: 2001, Asimov's Foundation books, and other works of generally higher quality and more respect for real science. Speculative fiction is a backronym used by people who don't like the name ScienceFiction but want to keep the SF initials.

[Aw come on, SciFi is shorter and easier to type than ScienceFiction and SF isn't a WikiWord. Cream always rises to the top...NuffSaid]

Also, many consider SF to mean SourceForge - SF as an abbreviation only works when surrounded by plenty of context

That's very funny, and approximately accurate, as far as it goes, except that the main point seems to be to build up (down) to dissing Furries (and who doesn't?), and it actually doesn't address a lot of less dramatic/funny things in the heart of Fandom, e.g. Con-related stuff.

True, true. It was posted mainly as a (hopefully) humorous reminder that while it's good to discuss the SF/scifi/science fiction monikers, we mustn't be too serious, lest we become one of them.

That's especially poignant in the context of scientology...

To MarkTwain, much of what obtains in the EastVillage? would have seemed to to be, SciFi.


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