Source Forge or the shortcut

SourceForge hosts FreeSoftware projects. It is a service to the FreeSoftware community, delivered by VaLinuxSystems?. It is free OpenSource, Linux-driven and some of the services it provides are:

(Note: SourceForge itself is no longer exactly OpenSource (was it ever) - while previous versions of the code are available, the latest version is ClosedSource. It's still aiming to host OpenSource projects, though.) Open source SourceForge development is now at GeeForge. --TomCopeland

In the beginning of 2002, SourceForge hosts more than 32.000 projects with over 330.000 registered users. There is a wide range in liveliness in them: Some are not much more than an 'I would love to develop this' project; others are quite large and alive (e.g. KDE, PythonLanguage, JBoss).

In late June 2003, SourceForge announced that it would gently start culling dead projects (those with no released files and zero activity). At this point, they have over 63 000 projects; it will be interesting to see how many fall foul of even this conservative definition of 'dead'.

(Note: as of Autumn 2001, SourceForge supports several flavors of Wiki; this amounts to a WikiFarm. Their staff should be queried for details.)

SourceForge is the largest ProjectHost. There are several other (much smaller) sites that host with open source software projects. For example, GnuSavannah? ( ) and BerliOs ( ).

See HelpSourceForgeSuck, HelpSourceForgeSucceed

I installed a UseModWiki in my project's web space, and while it sorta worked, the CGI was way too slow for it to be useful, and so I moved the wiki to another domain. Is there a better way to create a SF-hosted wiki? Above, it says that SourceForge supports wikis and is essentially a WikiFarm. Will SF set up a well-performing wiki for you? --KrisJohnson

Instructions on installing PhpWiki into a SourceForge project's web space can be found at -- James Cameron (aka Quozl)


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