Reverse Ip Lookup

A place to put your name / IP if you don't care about being anonymous but don't use a UserName cookie for any reason. As this list is unlikely to become very long, I've put the name first; extra IP addresses may be added inline.

Don't list anybody other than yourself (an exception may be made for WikiVandals).


"BlueYonder?" is known to be at and often uses OpenProxy machines to improve this site.

Great idea. I keep a list in my MacJournal, but a public list is friendlier and verifies my own list. -- Eliz

A quick way to determine your IP (assuming firewalls and proxies don't obscure it):

Of course, if a firewall or proxy is obscuring your IP; that obscured IP is what WikiWiki's servers will see, and what will show up in QuickChanges, RecentPosts, and the like. 'Tis what firewalls and proxies do. :)

A reverse ip check can be done at:


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