Eric Jablow

Programmer and Applied Mathematician for Praxis Engineering in Annapolis Junction, MD.

I've added your IP to ReverseIpLookup because you do a lot of minor edits. After the spat over blue yonder's vandalism, I initially thought you were blue yonder. The entry is aimed at preventing another such misunderstanding. If you object to being known, feel free to delete the entry. -- RK

Forgive RK - he knows not what he does!

Sorry, but I post from random cubicles at my office. Frankly, I forgot about the option to set the right cookie. I'll do that soon. And, I never write anything I would be ashamed of. If I don't have anything nice to say, I don't say it. Okay--done.

[edit note] Sorry for moving this conversation here, I couldn't find a better place. And good luck with gnoming, do not mind the more excited part of the wikidom. One can find pretty good and reliable measures of when gnoming is justified - it improves the page for the WikiReader. -- Costin

Question -- If I am contributing to a page, and I see a programming example that uses a WikiWord that has not been escaped with six quotes, does anybody mind when I adjust the WikiWord so it is no longer a link? Or is that pollution? -- EricJablow


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